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Tough Mud Weekend – 3743

What’s Included:

  • Quad Bike Experience
  • Off Road 4×4 Driving
  • 2 Nights in a Self Catering House


A Country Pursuits Experience is ideal for stag, hen and corporate groups that are looking for a range of exhilarating activities all in one place! Your thrilling break away includes a two night stay in fabulous self catering house, quad bikes session and a 4×4 Driving Experience.


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Here is what is included in your Country Pursuits Day:

  • Selection of Country Pursuits Activities
  • Dedicated Event Coordinator
  • Specialist Equipment
  • Experienced Instructors

We have a selection of the UK's highest quality country pursuit venues at hand to provide you with the best experience possible. Simply tell us what you'd like to do and we'll do the rest...

Quad Bikes

This is quad biking in its pure form. After a brief introduction and practice, take the quads out into the wild on this trail, where you can really see what the ATV bikes are capable of. Whilst there are quick parts of the course, there are also some very tricky bits and you will have to learn quickly.


Come and experience the ultimate in off road karting with our Rage off road racing buggies.

600cc Honda V-twin will provide you enough power and with the up to date spec on steering and suspension, these buggies are low, sleek, quick and safe. Buckle up and hold on tight!

You'll be given an operational briefing at the start of the day so you know exactly how to operate the Rage buggies and you'll also be given the opportunity to have practice driving them around the purpose built track to make sure you know how to operate them although they are very simple to use, (right pedal for go, left pedal for stop!).


A true country sport, real clay shooting, real guns, real shots. Keeping your eye on the target, fire away at the curving clays as they hurtle through the sky. A popular activity and great fun whatever your ability!

Full instruction and a safety briefing are given at the start, so you do not need any experience to enjoy the sport.


With the long bows, which are powerful enough to be very accurate and light enough for most people to use.

Shooting over a reasonable distance to give everyone a real sense of achievement when they hit the target and more often than not, there are plenty of bull's eyes. You will soon be addicted and start tasting your competitive edge as archery is one of most popular activities.


Crossbows date from the 4th century and have been used for hunting and in warfare, as well as shooting apples off peoples heads. Unfortunately health and safety aren't too keen on this but you will try your hand at the latest self cocking pistol, small in size but still capable of stopping anything in its tracks. You will have standard target faces to find your aim, moving onto our dueling tree and potentially onto our zombie undead targets.


With a variety of .22 Assault rifles on offer such as the famous Heckler & Koch MP5 or 416, this is an experience rarely found on our shores and normally requires a trip to Eastern Europe. Get to handle these awesome guns with one to one tuition from our experienced instructors. Zero your sights on the practice targets, with the help of your team mates on the spotting scope.


Using a 4x4 vehicle, a blindfolded driver negotiates a course while being guided by one of their colleagues. It's defiantly not as easy as you think!

Good communication and bags of trust are required, not to mentioned nerves of steel from the instructor.

Reverse steer does exactly what it says on the tin, you steer right and you go left, so guess what happens if you steer left? This always brings on fits of abuse from all your so called friends.


Discover the native American inside you, as you launch traditional tomahawks spinning towards the target. Receive expert instruction and challenge yourself as you move further away from the target. Nearly all can manage to get the axe in the target with one spin, the competition comes when you move further away and go for two or three rotations.


Human Table Football is a huge inflatable version of the popular pub game. Participants play 5-a-side football in a huge inflatable arena strapped to poles.

Argo Cats

Driving an argocat is like driving a mini-tank!  They are six wheel amphibious all-terrain vehicles designed to go almost anywhere and brings out the child in any petrol head.


Stacks of fun activity ideas to choose from, we can design your perfect day out, so if you're set on a fun idea but struggling to put it all together - call 01273 858206.

Off Road Buggy

Off Road Buggies

Adrenaline Pumping

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Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Shooting

Test your reactions

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quad-biking experience

Quad Biking

Bumps and thrills!

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Axe Throwing Experience

Axe Throwing

Find your inner warrior

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So why choose a self catering property?

  • It's a great base for the whole event
  • Exclusive use self catering property
  • Privacy
  • Home from Home friendly feeling
  • City centre or in the country - you choose
  • You can eat whenever you want
  • Your bar never closes at 11.00pm!

With the explosion of self catering properties right across the UK, finding the ideal group friendly house has never been easier!

If you need a self catering apartment for a luxury hen party, a self catering house for a refined stag weekend or you desire a self catering cottage in the country for the girls, we can help.

And because we only book holiday homes for large groups, all of our property owners know this so you can relax and not worry that you're a single sex group. We've done all the searching and all the negotiating so you know you're getting a large group friendly venue at a great price.

If you are looking for a Mansion in Edinburgh or an apartment in the centre of Brighton, we've got it covered.

Our range of large group accommodation ranges from cottages with swimming pools in the middle of nowhere to a luxury house with a hot tub in a major city.

So sit back and relax, let us know what you want and the rest is easy!