Organising a hen party

Published on Jun 8, 2017

If you think organising a hen party is going to be a walk in the park, think again! Think of organising someone elses holiday, trying to think of what they want and taking all the responsibility. That’s where we come in and take the weight off your shoulders.



1. Set the end goal from the start – what do you want to get from this stag weekend or hen party? – Memories and fun usually come out on top for the people attending and glory for you, it’s a great feeling when all your friends genuinely say thank you for a great weekend away.



2. What’s the bride actually like? Characteristics, lifestyle, hobbies, childhood activities? It’s their party so they should be right at the top of the list of important people. Next who else has to come? And finally don’t forget all sides of the family, after all, you want to make a good impression.



3. Where do you want to go, which destination? A city offers party options on your doorstep, however getting out into the country will offer a relaxing atmosphere, if you pick the right location it shouldn’t take too long to drive too. Think location location location. Very important, spend some time on this one.


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You’ll need to work with the bride on this one. A good starting point is the wedding guestlist as you usually invite those who are invited to the wedding – closest friends, family and of course the bridesmaids!

Some brides will want their Mum or Gran there, some won’t. You’ll need to adjust the hen party plans accordingly to accommodate the age range. It might be that you choose to do an activity during the day for the ‘younger’ contingent and then have a meal and drinks in the evening where any ‘oldies’ can join in.  Or why not have 2 dos! Go away for a weekend with the girls and then have a second do somewhere local maybe in a restaurant so that the relatives can join in.

When putting the hen party invite list together, think about group numbers. Too small and it can be difficult to book the best activities as there are minimum group sizes. Too large and it can get a bit of a nightmare trying to co-ordinate everyone.

If there are people that you have to cross off the list, then just send them a quick note to explain why. That way there’s less likely to be any awkwardness at the wedding when you see them.



4. Budget budget budget, be realistic, when you start perusing the interweb for hen ideas, jot down costs. You have to decide which way the events are going to go: novel, original, traditional, unique, themed, refined, tranquil. The list is not exhaustive and it’s not meant to be, you’re the maid of honour – it’s up to you. You don’t have to decide straight away, so, for now, its surf time.



5. A picture paints a thousand words and a good website will purvey the quality, but do your homework, websites can be ambiguous, how do you know they are the best available, are they competitively priced for their services. Search for sailing in Brighton on google and you will have a host of websites to choose from, which one would you choose?

They will all say they are the best, but which one should you trust? Which one has the correct insurance, offers an impeccable service and high-quality equipment? This applies to every activity, hotel and service available on the web. We have collated a list of trusted, experienced and quality tested providers during our 17 years of service, so rest assured that we know you’re going to have a good time!



7. So now you have a good idea, the costs, you have put it to the vote and finalised the plans, now for the invites. As a suggestion take some money from people, you will have to outlay a deposit (check companies terms), don’t get caught, if your friends say that they want to come along then they will be happy to give you some money. A flexible company will have a user-friendly booking system, not all though.

When your friends give you the money remember to mention “‘ this is a non-refundable deposit, I will not be able to give you this money back if you decide not to come, is that ok?”. Also give them a deadline for the rest of the money, the balance. Make sure you allow time to collect and you will always have stragglers.  Tell them straight from the start and then they understand the situation. Be fearless otherwise you will be accountable.


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Keeping it a secret

You could keep the whole weekend a secret but you need to be really good at keeping secrets and probably a bit brave as it puts all the pressure on you to get everything right! Also, there’s always a chance someone else in the group might let something slip! In true ‘Surprise, Surprise’ style, you could get a really close friend that the hen or stag hasn’t seen for a long time or that now lives abroad to turn up at the party.  This is sure to be a real tear-jerker!



You could just keep certain elements of the weekend hush, hush. So maybe the hen or stag knows the location plus one or two of the activities, but you could leave out the details of the main activity you’ve got planned.

Of course, there are some easier bits to keep stum about. For example, what you’re going to make the hen or stag dress up in! You might be kind and make the whole group dress up in a theme or you might make the hen or stag stand out in a funny costume!

Also, a great thing to get the whole group involved in is coming up with forfeits for the hen or stag to do. They’ll have no idea what you’ve got in-store for them as you choose key moments during the weekend to get them to do a dare or challenge!


 Second Time Round

The UK is a nation of hopeful romantics, just look at the figures – four out of ten marriages in the UK are to second timers. So how do you go about organising a UK-based hen weekend for friends, possibly including teenage daughters and relatives, as well as a possible healthy selection of older ladies from your accumulated extended family?

So you’ve arrived at your lovely hotel late Friday afternoon. You head for the spa area, have a swim and freshen up before sitting down to enjoy a lovely meal at the hotel restaurant.

Saturday morning after an early breakfast – what’s on the menu for the rest of the day? For a mixed age group, why not engage in some serious chocolate making? Fun and informative for everyone, you’ll learn about the history of chocolate and the journey it makes from bean to bar whilst tasting sumptuous samples of coca butter. You’ll discover how to make some fabulous favourites such as fresh vanilla truffles, dark chocolate fudge and hazelnut praline.  And when you leave, you’ll go away with your very own ribbon-tied box of hand -made chocolates.

If chocolate is not quite your thing, what about the new Cup Cake experience where you’ll make truly wonderful cupcakes, decorate whoopie pies and get to shake your own chocolate Martini?

The Master Chef in charge of your workshop will give you professional insider tips on making the perfect sponge and creating unusual and innovative flavours for your cup cakes and Whoopie pies. Secrets of how to make perfect butter cream frosting and marshmallow fillings will also be revealed.

Tasting is obligatory, sample exotic creations such as lemon and poppy seed or green tea cupcakes and of course a decadent organic chocolate Martini. If you don’t end up munching all your cupcakes, then you get to package them in delectable bags and boxes with ribbons, stickers and bows to give as presents or keep for yourself. You’ll also leave the workshop armed with recipe leaflets jam-packed with cupcake and Whoopie pie recipes and decorating ideas so that you can have a go at recreating your masterpieces at home.

After the workshop, it’s back to the hotel for a rest, a chat in the bar or lounge and leisurely get ready for a wonderful night of entertainment and dinner.  Adventure Connections can sort out the best entertainment for you whether it be a trip to the theatre, a concert or even a very tasteful ladies-only cabaret – the choice is up to you. We can arrange dinner pre-entertainment or after depending on your requirements.

And what to do after a late night out? How about a luxurious and pampered session in a spa where you can have additional specific treatments if you so desire, in addition to the complimentary treatment included in your package that also includes a light lunch.


Create a soundtrack

Creating a hen party playlist couldn’t be easier and is great to play whilst you’re all getting ready to head out, so you can all bop along and sing your hearts out!

All you need to do is get everyone in the hen party group to suggest a song for the list, add some tunes that you know are favourites of the Bride-to-be and some classics from when you were growing up. Then why not add a few tunes that have significance for the upcoming occasion of the wedding! Here’s a few ideas of songs with a wedding theme to get you started:

  • White Wedding – Billy Idol
  • Wishin’ and Hopin’ – Ani Difranco (from the soundtrack of ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’)
  • Kiss The Bride – Elton John
  • Marry You – Bruno Mars
  • Chapel Of Love – Dixie Cups

The soundtrack to your hen weekend will make a great keepsake for everyone in the group and whenever you hear any of the songs, you’ll remember the fun you had!


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Hen Party Games

You can’t always be clubbing, quad biking or in the spa so this blog should help you out with some ideas of some hen party games to play whilst you wait! Whether you are young or mature, naughty or nice, we have the ultimate list of games to play on your hen party that will certainly break the ice between your fellow hens! 


True or False

Test your knowledge on the bride to be and find out who should really deserve to be maid of honor in this thrilling yet fun game that will help you extend your friendship and find out some cheeky facts about the bride to be!

Before the big night come up with roughly 20 facts, some true and some false, and then read them out and get the guests to mark what they think the answer is! You can keep them simple, such as “who was her first kiss” or maybe something a little naughtier that the bride to be may not want others knowing about! (I’ll let you come up with your own examples!) There can also be a prize for the winner and a dare for the loser to make it really interesting!


Rate Him!

One of the more risqué games of the night but if you fancy a night out then this one is a must! If you’re prepared you can make rating cards and hand them out to the hens, but if not, a pen and napkin will do just fine! The game itself entitles the women to rate the men simultaneously as they enter the bar or as they walk in or previous exes!


Who’s Bag?

Another quizzical game but this time the embarrassment is on everyone! Make all the girls put 2 items from their handbags into a carrier bag and then pull them out 1 by 1 and get everyone to guess whose is what! The naughtier the item, the funnier the game! And another fantastic way to get everyone familiar with each other and once again the opportunity to become a winner or a loser!


Getting Dressy

Some might say that the wedding dress is the most important factor of the day, the most iconic image and biggest surprise! This game gets the girls up on their feet and getting arty! Split the group into teams and then gather a range of random household items like bin liners, toilet roll etc. and then the game is to create your very own bridal dress! Either you or the bride to be can choose the winner!


Classy Hen Party


Scavenger Hunt

If you’re planning on going out then why not treat the bride-to-be with a list of things to do and things to get whilst out on the town! This can be as cheeky or simple as you like (depending on how envious you are of the bride!) This game will make the night a hell of a lot more interesting and guaranteed giggling throughout the tasks! Take a look at our recommended lists:


Things To Get:

  • Condom
  • Somebodies underwear
  • A photo of you and an animal


Things To Do:

  • Get a lap-dance from someone
  • Get a guys number
  • Down a pint


Famous Hen Parties

Elizabeth Hurley

Liz Hurley’s bachelorette party may be one of the most extravagant, but with a budget of £3000 per head it is most certainly one of the most expensive! Forking out for champagne and nibbles to accompany her guests whilst they watched the cat walk (presented by designer Donatella Versace) in which the guests could pick what outfit they wished to wear at the wedding itself! Following the fashion show, they ventured onto an afternoon of beauty treatments and then a private dinner…


Kim Kardashian

On July 23rd 2011, Kim and her infamous booty hit the TAO nightclub in vegas and celebrated what she thought would be one of her last single days… Organised by her equally “famous” sister Khloe, the party featured all of Kim’s friends, family and of course, some half naked hunks… She ended the night by crashing her fiancee’s stag next door in LAVO!


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