Fancy Dress Theme Ideas

Published on Jan 15, 2020

Stag & Hen Party Fancy Dress Theme Ideas


A well planned and coordinated fancy dress theme amongst your friends and family has the potential to put your celebratory event into the history books. Stag and hen dos, halloween parties, birthday nights out or new years eve pub crawls. You can add a fancy dress element into the mix for all of these events. If you need a little inspiration to get you thinking about your very own costumes and themes, here are eight of our top fancy dress ideas. 


1) The Avengers 

With well over two dozen characters to choose from, one of our favourite and most topical fancy dress theme ideas is to roll out with your very own team of superheroes. Create your very own shield and lead from the front as Captain America. Meld your own suit of Iron and become (you guessed it) Iron Man. For those of you happy to cover yourself in green body paint then The Hulk and Gamora is for you. If you want to look edgy in black consider Hawkeye and Black Widow. We’re betting one of your friends has a Spiderman Halloween costume hidden in their wardrobe so get them to dust it off and suit up! No Avengers squad would be complete without the God of thunder; Thor! Throw in his Endgame beer belly for a few bonus points. 


We highly recommend you do some research because there’s a whole fictional universe of superheroes to choose from. Avengers, assemble! 


2) Boyband and Girl Pop Groups

One word; CHEESE. East 17’s white fur coats from Stay Another Day or the Spice Girls world tour outfits. There’s so much scope when it comes to music group fancy dress ideas. Find your best bowl cut wig and stroll out as The Beatles. All of you Abba fans can put on your finest dancing dream costumes. If you want to really bring your boyband and girl groups to life, learn a chorus or better still, an entire song that your band is well known for. That’s a party trick that will absolutely impress anyone that crosses paths with you.


3) 80s / 90s themed fancy dress

This idea is a timeless classic and you can have heaps of fun with this theme. The 80s and 90s brought about some of the world’s most iconic fashion trends. We’ve broken this fancy dress theme down into three main categories; hair styles, clothes, and accessories.


Hair: We’re talking perms, perms and more perms for you ladies. Curls and waves everywhere please. Boys, you’re going to have to choose from a cool looking mullet or a mohawk that requires a whole tub of wax to style.


Clothes: Mesh tops, combat trousers, leopard print, leather studded jackets, and roll necks all fit the bill here. Oh and we nearly forgot to mention that anything neon goes too. 


Accessories: Chokers, chunky jewelry, fanny packs, leg warmers, and bandanas. It’s the attention to detail where the effort really shines. 


4) Around the World Themed Fancy Dress

If you want a broad theme that’s open to a lot of interpretation then we recommend an around the world fancy dress code. Pick countries or continents out of a hat and then leave everyone to get creative with their outfits. Don’t discuss what you’re wearing with anyone else, just all turn up on the day so it’s a complete surprise. 


Some of the costumes and accessories you might consider for this idea include Bavarian lederhosens and dirndls, bollywood beauty costumes, Japanese geishas, Mexican sombreros and leather cowboy boots. This theme ensures a night of culture and excitement.  


5) Sh*t shirts & sh*t skirts 

This fancy dress idea requires you to seek out the most hideous and hilarious shirts and skirts you can possibly find. Your mission is to be an absolute eye-sore to all those that have the unfortunate luck of gazing upon you. Vibrant uncomplimentary colours and bold patterns will give anyone staring at you long enough a headache. Hit the web and you can find some ghastly clothes featuring all manner of things such as flags, cute animals, and vegetables. We expect if you look long and hard enough you can find a shirt with all three of those things printed on them – challenge accepted!  


6) Famous Faces

Another one of our favourite fancy dress ideas is to glam up as a celebrity, historical figure or famous face. We’ve all seen a stellar line up of costume dopplegangers on a night out at some point. Those famous faces often include the likes of David Beckham, Maralyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley, Katy Perry, and Mr T… you get the picture! 


Don’t feel like you have to stick to these obvious famous faces though. Part of the fun comes from being a bit more adventurous and choosing a famous face that isn’t recognisable to everyone. You might want your friends and family to have to work hard to uncover who you’re appearing as for the night.  


7) Who wore it best fancy dress theme

This idea is a bit harder to organise initially because it requires your entire group to collectively agree on one person or character that you must all dress up as. Once you are all happy with your decision you must all purchase the same outfit. The best part about this fancy dress theme is that even though you’re dressing up as the same person, you’re all going to look very different with your own distinct styling. Plus you’ll have people of all different shapes and sizes taking part. Some of you will look absolutely laughable, whereas some of you may pass as the real deal. 


Bonus tip: Don’t just throw on an outfit, act like this person would! If they have an accent, use it. If they have a few catchphrases then try throwing them into conversation. We guarantee you’ll enjoy this experience even more if you become your character.


8) Christmas Tuxedo

Some of you here might be thinking about adding a fancy dress theme to your annual Christmas party. If you’re attending a shared party event there might be some limitations on what you can wear. For example most of these large scale pre-organised parties require smart attire to be worn, but there’s nothing in the rules that says you can’t wear a Christmas tuxedo! We (Adventure Connections) bought our very own special suits last Christmas and couldn’t have been happier with our choices. Sure, we were laughed at, but we made a lot of people smile too and that’s what the Christmas season is all about! Ladies, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a fine selection of dresses available online too. 


The best fancy dress ideas are the ones that everyone is happy to take part in. It’s not about embarrassing yourself or your friends, it’s all about having fun and making memories. If you head out to celebrate with one of our ideas, don’t forget to take a picture and tag us on Twitter at @adventureconn – we’d love to see your creative efforts!


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