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My best friend’s Wedding

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Best Friends Wedding

A chief Bridesmaid writes the inner thoughts of a somewhat reluctant Chief Bridesmaid a.k.a secret bride in waiting….  The invitation When I was asked to be a bridesmaid at my best friend’s forthcoming wedding, my first reaction was one of horror. Firstly, I have been a bridesmaid now six times – the last time when […]

The Healthy Hen Party

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Burlesque Dance Class

How to throw a healthy hen do Here are our top tips on how to throw a hen do without binging on calories.

My best friend’s Wedding – Part 2

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Wedding Dress

Titanic, Bikini, Dancing and Pop videos? Oh my God, just when you think things can’t get any worse, they take a Titanic nose dive further into depths, far further than you ever imagined. Honestly, this bloody wedding – it’s hi-jacking a year of my life and it’s not even my big day. Resolution: When or […]

7 hens you’ll find on a hen party

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hen party ideas

Do you recognise any of these classic hen party characters? Before every woman’s beautiful white wedding comes the controversial gathering of the bride to be’s besties for a weekend of (more often than not) total shenanigans. These shenanigans used to comprise of a small get together of close-knit friends toasting the happiness of one of […]

Driving experiences – how fast do you want to go?

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From Karting to F1 Here at Adventure Connections, we’re all about the fast paced, heart pumping driving experiences! So, as the F1 season starts warming up we’re here to tell you how you and your group can have your very own extreme driving experience and battle it out to become the Jenson Button of the […]

Wakeboarding for dummies

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wakeboarding for dummies

Wakeboarding for dummies Wakeboarding is the snowboarding of the water world, the “cool” version of water skiing made up of totally rad, colourful curved boards and funky shorts. You’re probably now imagining yourself as a 16 year old dude skimming along the Tahitian ocean, but the actual truth is you’re going to look a bit of […]

It’s a Knockout – Adventure Connections Style

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knockout games

“It’s a Knockout is the most stupidly competitive thing I’ve ever done” Remember that old tv show with all of the inflatables, fancy dress attire and muppets falling in water? No, not Total Wipeout; It’s a Knockout! One of the BIGGEST perks of working as an event organiser is that I get sent out a few […]

Zorb Football & Binocular Football

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We’re just playing for fun… right? Choosing the right team building activity for your company can be a tough decision, but at Adventure Connections, we’re on hand to offer a whole range of team exercises that you may not have even heard of! In this blog, we’re going to tell you a bit more about […]

Joint Stag and Hen Parties

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The Sten / Hag Party Originally stag and hen parties were a send off from the best men / bridesmaids into married life and were meant to be spent separately to experience the last night of single life. However nowadays the stag and hen tend to be from the same friendship group with both genders […]

The Craziest Celebrity Stag & Hen Parties!

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Celebrity Hen Parties & Stag Dos Every stag and hen night is a crazy night that will never be lived down, but now the credit crunch has hit, the damage seems to have taken its toll on the stag and hen party… However what if money wasn’t a concern? We broke the golden rule of […]